Core Services
EU Authorized Representative
We provide services to sellers loacted outside the EU, especially legal consultation service on all kinds of businesses.
CPNP cosmetic products
All cosmetic products must pass the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) before their launch in the EU market. Then they can be sold in the EU market, so as to ensure product safety and strengthen market supervision.
DIMDI medical devices
Medical devices must be filed in the country where the European authorized representative is located before being sold in the EU.
EPREL energy efficiency
Register information in database of EU Product Registry of Efficiency Label EPREL, the information includes ErP report, energy efficiency label registration, Eprel energy efficiency registration, lamp energy efficiency certification.
Solve the Key Problems
convey EU offical policies and information in a timely manner to avoid different kinds of restrictions on products
supported by local professional lawyer team, exprienced in compliance and avoiding different kinds of risks in advance
professional auditors ensure product compliance to the European market to solve your worries
CE System
2 years have we spent to develop a system to provide professional services for cross-border e-commerce sellers. And we have a professional IT team to test and upgrade the system to ensure data security
we support you to promote your porducts to the EU market through data review, product registration and legal representative.
Official Recognition
DIMDI in Germany, CPNP and EPREL within the EU
all of these three representative services we provide have been recognized by the EU or the relevant countries.
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