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Should cosmetic products be CE-marked?
According to the EU Regulation 765/2008EC Artikel 30 on certification and market supervision related to product marketing, cosmetic products are not required to bear CE mark. Therefore, pure cosmetic products with CE mark are not compliant and are not allowed. However, in particular, if the product is also in the category of products that must bear CE mark (e.g., toy products), CE mark is required.
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Unofficial animal test marks or other words with similar meanings cannot be used casually.Official marks can only be used in case of having filed.
According to the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation VERORDNUNG 12232009EG Artikel 13, the manufacturer or local distributor or its EU representative (if the manufacturer is from outside the EU) must file the products in the EU cosmetic products database CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).
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