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EPREL energy efficiency
The product must pass corresponding test before it is qualified to bear the mark, so do not use the certifion mark of any country or any ahthority at will.
1.A to G replaces A to A+++
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(From August 2019, all manufacturers or importers or EU representatives who use energy consumption label must register the information in the EU Product Registry of Efficiency Label EPREL.; products that need to bear energy consumption label include: air-conditioner, household cooker, household dishwasher, room heater, water heater, lamp, household refrigerator, commercial refrigerator, solid fuel boiler, TV (including all display screens), clothes dryer, tyre, private residential ventilation system, household washing machine. (No grace period has been given for energy labels on products of all sellers and it has been effective since March 1, 2021. Whereas 14 days transition period has been given for energy labels used on line by all sellers); lamp no longer needs to be marked with energy consumption label from December 25, 2019 on.
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