Our History
European Authorized Representative
In March 2018, a customer encountered the problem of European Authorized Representative and began to study Authorized Representative.
In March 2019, this customer officially launched European Authorized Representative service.
In 2020, the epidemic broke out, we launched legal service with European lawyers. Since then, we started to provide European Authorized Representative service for medical products.
In 2020 we started to prepare for CPNP filing. In May 2020, we completed the first order.
Company Profile
C&E Connection E-Commerce (DE) GmbH is a local company in Germany with an office and a warehouse. We maintain close contact and communication with local law firms, German government related security bodies and customs. We have 3 years experience acting as an European Authorized Representative and gained case handling abilities. In terms of medical products compliance, we has gained DIMDI qualification, and has hired medical safety officers who meet the legal requirements.
Official Certification
The EU cosmetics regulation (EU-KosmetikV) requires that all cosmetics and their formulas must be filed before being put on the market, that is, DIMDI reviews all drugs and products related to medical and health. On November 30, 2009, the European Commission established the CPNP system according to the cosmetics regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009. In order to realize the standardization of filing in all EU Member States, the detailed requirements for filing are described in Articles 13 and 16 in the EU cosmetics regulation.
In 2020, we began to prepare for CPNP filing, and gained the first certificate on May 7, 2020.
Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, we set up a legal service section with European lawyers and began to provide European Authorized Representative service for medical products, namely DIMDI filing service. According to Article 14 in the EU DIRECTIVE 9342EEC(MDD) on medical devices, Paragraph 1 in Chapter 25 of the German medical device law MPG and Article 10 in the Directive RICHTLINIE 9879EG on IVD equipment, we understood that the entry of medical devices, IVD equipment and drug products into the EU market requires registration and filing with the competent authorities of the corresponding EU Member States. Germany is with DIMDI. In May of the same year, we obtained the representative qualification of DIMDI in Germany, and eventually succeeded in registering the first DIMDI certificate on June 25, 2020 after trial in many cases.
(P.S. according to Article 29-31 in product Regulation 2017745EU (MDR) on Mending Medical Devices and IVD equipment, all the above products need to be filed on the EDAMED platform operated by the European Commission after May 26, 2021 (the filing system release was delayed till maybe the end of September due to the epidemic)
In March 2021, we obtained the EU EPREL representative qualification
As of January 1, 2019, equipment suppliers requiring energy labels must register in the European energy consumption label product database (EPREL database) before they can be sold in the EU market. From March 2021, the database will provide the first four product categories: refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, washing machine and electronic display. Tires will be added to the database from May 1, 2021. Light source products and independent control devices will be added from September 1, 2021, and other product categories will be added accordingly. The supplier needs to input the product information in the database, including energy labels, technical documents and compliance with regulations. The EU new energy labeling regulation (2017/1369 EU) specifies the energy labeling requirements for a single product group. The following product groups must be registered: air-conditioner, household cooker, household dishwasher, room heater, water heater, light source product and independent control, household refrigerator, commercial refrigerator, solid fuel boiler, all display screens (including TV screen) Household washing and drying machine, tire, private residential ventilation system, household washing machine.

Since the past, our service has been carried out in strict accordance with the laws and regulations formulated by the European Union. With the professionalism accumulated through the experience of large and small cases, and due to the professional and accurate understanding of German policies, our service is honored to be recommended by Amazon and recognized by the European Union, and has become the most solid and reliable shield for exporters.
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